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Allied Counseling, Inc.

customers, retain customer loyalty and increase sales. Having served on the Ashley Industries Board of Directors since 2010, Dr. Austin’s creative problem solving, innovative corporate training and total support continue to be an invaluable part of our overall company success. In everything she does, Dr. Austin exemplifies the Allied Corporate Services Mottos of: “The Business of Business is People” and the main company moto of: “Together We Can Change Your World.”

other Corporate Training Programs have been real game changers in many of our company’s operating strategies. In 2016, Dr. Chandler was promoted to our Corporate Board of Advisors and Senior Strategists. I highly recommend Dr. Chandler to any multi-national company operating in today’s highly completive global economy.


Mr. William Heines
Executive Director
Mont-Blanc Capital & Strategic Holdings Limited

Dr. Austin Chandler has proven an expert in applying her operating knowledge of psychology and behavioral economics when helping our senior executives gain more confidence in themselves and their decisions while breaking through to even higher levels of wealth creation for our most demanding group of international clients. Dr. Chandler’s Executive Performance Coaching Program and 

Personal Testimonials

Alexandra & David L.

Our first family appointment with Dr. Austin was last year in New York City where we live. My husband and I were dealing with complex personal problems as well as high anxiety and stress from our demanding executive jobs. Our two children, ages 8 and 10, had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and were having behavior and academic issues. Dr. Austin helped my husband and I design an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) that addressed each family member’s problems. Using video conferencing, our children see Dr. Austin every other week and they can hardly wait to complete their “My Millennium Mind Exploration Exercises” which they discuss at their next counseling session. The children’s behavior and grades have improved greatly and Dr. Austin checks with their teachers occasionally to get specific updates on their progress. My husband and I continue have a monthly video conference appointment with Dr. Austin and our professional and personal life is much happier now. Dr. Austin listens, understands and offers invaluable insights for making both large and small personal changes. If you decide to work with Dr. Austin, she will help you “Change Your World” just as she did with our family.

​Professional Testimonials

Mr. Jack Bornstein
President, Ashley Industries, Inc.

Ashley Industries is a textile company in North Carolina selling yarns and threads that go into fiber optic cables (Corning Cable Systems), boots and shoes (Justin Brands, Nocona, Chippewa & Tony Lama) plus high performance slings. For the last ten years, Dr. Austin has collaborated on numerous projects at Ashley Industries including Executive Performance Coaching involving the mentoring of our senior executive team. Dr. Austin has also worked extensively with our sales force helping them focus on strategies to identify new

swings, depression and poor grades. Today, we are a changed family with everyone feeling they belong and the children’s grades have improved plus they are getting along better at home while making new friends at school. We are very grateful to Dr. Austin for helping us start the next stage of our life together as a family while coping with some very some very serious problems. Dr. Austin uses a focused, no nonsense approach in problem solving and she is very supportive and easy to talk with. The four children continue to see Dr. Austin twice a month using video conferencing and they all enjoy doing their My Millenium Mind Exploration Exercises (MMM) with some of the older children helping the younger ones. We also use video conferencing to see Dr. Austin for 30 minute Review sessions whenever we want. We like and believe in Dr. Austin so much that we recommended her to two friends last week and one friend told us they just made an appointment with her.

Tiffany & Mark J.

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Austin for the last 6 months after beginning a new marriage with four children ages 7 to 14. Each of our spouses had died within the last three years and this trauma was something that every family member was still dealing with. The children had to adapt to new parents, a new home, new brothers and sisters, new schools and new family rules. Trying to get everyone adjusted in their new life seemed like a never ending nightmare. There was constant stress, fighting, anger, mood 

Dr. Austin Chandler, Ph.D

Clinical  & Corporate Psychologist​​