Awareness Treatments including: Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neurocognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Interaction Application Analysis, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Executive or Personal Success Coaching, My Millennium Mind Exploration (MMM) Program for children (ages 3 through 18), Parent/Child Interaction Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Deep Breathing Stress Reduction, Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Tai Chi to better accommodate them in making major direction changes (Shift Changes) resulting in their unimagined successful goal achievement

Having advanced training in both Clinical and Corporate Psychology plus Neuropsychology (See: Professional Education & Professional Work Experience) has provided Dr. Austin with a wide range of career and life experiences as well as the opportunity to work with people around the world including: moms, dads, grandparents, daughters, sons, foodies, dreamers, bookworms, geeks, realists, writers, yogis, couch potatoes, veterans, corporate executives, politicians and even European Royalty. Dr. Austin’s goal is to help every person become more relaxed, happy, creative and successful and obtain the life they deserve. 

Special Career Interest:  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Dr. Austin has a special career interest in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) because many of her friends, relatives, and clients have been diagnosed with it. The good news is that none of these people have let ADHD stop them from achieving their career goals of becoming attorneys, doctors, pilots, engineers, teachers or nurses, as well as loving husbands, wives and parents. The same success can be true for you, your child, other family members and friends who have ADHD. People with ADHD/ADD have a different learning style and a special set of abilities that when encouraged, directed and capitalized on, allows them to become very successful. Therefore, when doing ADHD/ADD counseling or coaching, Dr. Austin helps people focus on their strengths rather than focusing on their problems or possible deficits. Using this approach means many people do not have to take medication or tale it for a shorter time.

ADHD/ADD is the most frequently diagnosed learning/behavioral problem in children and about 30-50% of people diagnosed in childhood continue to have problems in adulthood. For these reasons, it is important to get counseling and coaching early but if diagnosed, also realize you are a member of a very famous group pf people including: John Lennon, Mozart, Harry Belafonte, Cher, Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Magic Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Carmen Diaz, The Olsen Twins, and Babe Ruth.

Dr. Austin is a wife, mother, active community volunteer, philanthropic events contributor, and sometimes she can be found downhill skiing (Colorado & Utah), creating large psychoscape oil paintings, listening to music, doing organic and vegetarian cooking (yes, a foodie), taking flying lessons (Cirrus SR22), and visiting her favorite cities worldwide (including Allied Corporate Office Locations).

​Professional Education

  • Fordham University: Ph.D. and M.A. Degrees in Clinical Psychology
  • Fordham University; Minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Columbia University: M.A. Degree in Child Psychology
  • Columbia University: Psychology Major, B.A. Degree, With Honors
  • Weil Cornell Medical School: Adult Internship
  • Astor Home for Children, Rhinebeck, NY: Child Internship
  • Brian Business & Economics School, GSO: Management Development Program

Professional Work Experience:

  • Founded: Allied Counseling, Inc. International Psychology Company: GSO, NC 
  • Director: Greensboro College Counseling Center, GSO, NC
  • Adjunct Psychology College Professor: Greensboro College, GSO, NC
  • Adjunct Behavioral Economics Professor: University of North Carolina, (UNC-G)
  • Corporate Psychologist: Farr Associates, National Corporate Consulting Firm (GSO)
  • Board of Directors/Corporate Psychologist: Ashley Industries, Ltd., GSO, NC
  • Corporate Board Advisor & Senior Strategist: Mont-Blanc Capital & Strategic Holdings, Ltd., Rome, It.

Professional Associations:

  • National Register of Health Service Providers (#43911)
  • American Psychological Association (1717-9084)
  • North Carolina Psychological Association (2113)
  • Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) 
  • International Society for Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry (ISEPP)
  • Columbia University Club
  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Club
  • Cape Cod Yacht Club

Interests & Concerns of Dr. Austin:

  • Architecture, Arts, Culture
  • Animal Rights (WLF & National Geographic)
  • Children (UNICEF)
  • Education, Science, Technology
  • Environment, Climate Change
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • U.S. Politics & World Politics
  • World Economic Forum Activities (WEF)
  • World Mental Health (WHO)

Dr. Austin Chandler

Dr. Austin and her team of Allied Professional Associates (APA”s) believe every person is amazing and each person is a success story waiting to happen. No one can go back and change a difficult beginning but everyone can start to create a better future. Self-knowledge that comes from guided self-exploration with a qualified doctor in counseling is an investment in improving every aspect of a person’s life. It is also both fun and exciting to really understand yourself. The bottom line is that self-knowledge and self-understanding are important because they greatly increase confidence, motivation, happiness and success. In fact, optimal physical health starts with optimal mental health and a negative mind set will never give you a positive life. Transform your tomorrow by starting today!

At Allied Counseling, both Personal Counseling Psychology Services and Corporate Consulting Psychology Services provide an opportunity for clients to work with the guidance of a highly trained clinical psychologist acting as a catalyst, coach, and advisor who will utilize a combination of effective Western Psychology Methods and Eastern Alternative Body

To have personalized psychological services that maximize your privacy, progress, and convince, working with Dr. Austin at Allied Counseling is what you want. Call the Greensboro Corporate Headquarters at 1-336-706-1768 to set up a free 10 minute consultation, discuss your concerns, schedule an appointment and sign up for the Allied Counseling Newsletter, “Best 2 U,” offering useful facts about the life challenges we all face. Dr. Austin is always available when you most need her, no matter where you are.

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Meet Dr. Austin

Dr. Austin Chandler, Ph.D

Clinical  & Corporate Psychologist​​

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