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Allied Counseling provides confidential, concierge, and membership psychology services to Individual and Corporate Clients throughout the world. Allied Counseling, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Dr. Austin Chandler (NC License #2113) and is special and unique in offering clients the opportunity to have the private, world class counseling and consulting psychological services they want with flexibility in location and scheduling time. People are always more complex than the sum of their current issues and at Allied Counseling the focus is on a humanistic, whole-person centered treatment approach that considers each client’s psychological, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing. The Allied Counseling Motto Company chosen by Dr. Austin is: “Together We Can Change Your World.’

Dr. Austin works with individual clients and corporate leaders to help them break through hidden personal filters of negative self-belief, limiting maladaptive coping strategies, and personal blind spots so as to never place a limit on what they can achieve. All clients develop a creative individual treatment plan (ITP) to more successfully cope with the choices, chances and challenges they encounter. The goal of all psychological services at Allied Counseling is to help every client become more relaxed, happy, creative and successful and obtain the life they deserve. 

More specifically, the Allied Counseling Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) is grounded in neurocognitive psychology and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts plus Dr. Austin’s “Three R Therapeutics Method” (Review, Revise, Results) that maximizes success within a fast time frame. When working with children, ages 3 through 18, Dr. Austin utilizes a powerful success program she developed called My Millennium Mind Exploration (MMM).  The focus of the MMM Program is on raising the next generation of leaders and this is their century to make a difference.      

Because of status, lifestyle or employment, many people have become increasingly protective of their privacy (including the privacy of their family) and they no longer feel comfortable providing psychological information to insurance companies or traveling to an office and sitting in a crowded waiting room. Clients now want the luxury and convenience of having private, on-call, and highly skilled doctor provided psychological counseling services available to them when and wherever they may be (office, home, traveling). This type of personal concierge psychological service is now an expected part of a successful and busy lifestyle (See Services Offered Sections). The Allied Counseling electronic e-mail network is HIPPA Health Care Encryption Compliant and offers clients the opportunity to both send and receive encrypted information.

To better address client needs, Dr. Austin started offering concierge counseling psychological services via video conferencing five years ago. Allied Counseling has experienced increasing demand for this type of psychological counseling service and National Surveys find that 95% of clients prefer receiving face-to-face psychological services using video conferencing once they try it. Because many people have grown up using Skype and other forms of video communication (face time, telemedicine, etc.), they are not only familiar and comfortable with it but they demand it. Allied Counseling is headquartered in Greensboro, NC and Dr. Austin will meet with clients at any of the other Allied Counseling Affiliated Offices located in New York City (NYC), Washington, DC (DC), and Rome (RM), Italy. However, before doing so, Dr. Austin first likes to have a video conferencing session with clients to jointly decide what type of session usually will work best for them.

It should be noted that all Allied Counseling Affiliated Offices provide the same high-quality individual and corporate concierge psychological services. Every Allied Psychology Associate (APA) has been trained to treat the same types of personal problems and use similar types of therapeutic methods as Dr. Austin. In fact, each Allied Psychology Associate (APA) is interviewed and chosen by Dr. Austin and Dr. Austin often confers with them. See Office Policies & Client Forms section for specific hours & fees.

Dr. Austin looks forward to working with you as you enjoy personalized counseling or corporate psychology services that maximize your privacy, progress, and convenience. While continuing to explore this website, Dr. Austin wants you to focus on one very important thought: “Together We Can Change Your World.”

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